The Miniature Schnauzer Club of Michigan, Inc.
January/February - First Issue/New editor

March/April - Meet Isabel (Rescue dog), Member Profile, Performance Corner (Obedience Training)

May/June - Coccidia, Member Profile, Performance Corner (Rally Obedience)

July/August - Updates on 2 recent Rescue Dogs, Member Profile, Performance Corner (You've got to know your dog)

September/October - MSCM Specialty 2005, Member profile, Performance Corner (Staying Connected to your Dog), Montgomery County Trip,

November/December - Seller's Expectations, Dog Treat Recipes, Member Profile, Performance Corner (Fitness-Food For Thought)

January/February - Observations in Agility, Member Profile, Performance Corner (AKC Eukanuba Championships)  Tips (Ear Infection Solution)

March/April - Our Louisville Kentucky Trip, Member Profile, Performance Corner (Inaugural  Obedience Trial at AMSC Specialty),

May/June - Poor Eaters, Member Profile, Performance Corner (Less is More), To Vaccinate or Not??

July/August - Your Breed Club Needs You, Performance Corner (Seminars), Member Profile

September/October - Have You Done Your Part?, Carol Somers Memorial

November/December - What I have Learned This Year..., Performance Corner (Obedience at Specialties), Katie Memorial

January/February - Good Bye Barry..., Performance Corner (Losses), Email Education

March/April - Do You Know the Real PETA and HSUS?, Performance Corner (Great Starts), Vaccination Newsflash

May/June - Avoiding Heat Related Injuries in Dogs, Member Profile,

July/August - 7 Things You Didn't Know About PETA, Performance Corner

September/October - 2007 MSCM Fall Specialty Show

November/December - Christmas Dog Treat Recipes, Bandit Memorial, Member Profile, Performance Corner (Be a Splitter, Not a Lumper)

January/February - Breeder Seminars, Performance Corner (Get on the Ball!!!), Dog Show terminology 101

March/April - Our "Little Man", Performance Corner (Old Dogs...Young Dogs)

May/June - Pet Underpopulation: The Pet Shortage in the US, Member Profile

July/August - MSCM Agility Match, Member Profile, Toxic Plants for Dogs, Toxic Foods for Dogs

September/October - 2008 MSCM Fall Specialty Show, Performance Corner (Instructors...Students), Diamond Memorial

November/December - With Santa's Help, Performance Corner (Agility in Germany)

January/February - Your Breed Club Needs You (republished), Performance Corner (It's All Tricks), Pet Dogs vs Show Dogs

March /April-Preferred Breed Type (Why The Stand-Out Best Dog Can Be A Loser--E. K. (Katie) Gammill ,Performance Corner (Fifteen Tips for Getting Started with the Clicker), Care and Management of Humans

May/June- Lawn Care for Dog Owners, Performance Corner (Summer Vacation), 12 Steps of the Animal Rights Agenda

July/August- An Introduction to Pet Psychic Reading, AKC on Mandatory Spay/Neuter Laws

September/October-MSCM Fall Specialty Show

November/December-A Christmas Story For Dog Lovers, Schnauzer Shorts Performance Issue info

January/February - Bio Sensor Method of Stimulation, I Am A Breeder

March/April -Basic Canine Massage, MSCM First All Breed Agility Trial Flyer, How To Give Canine CPR, Heimlich Maneuver for Dogs & Cats

May/June - The Unspoken Truth About Spaying and Neutering Our Pets, Thank Goodness For Dogs!

July/August - A Simple Solution to a Nasty Habit, HSUS Defined, MSCM June Meeting Pictures

September/October - Fall Specialty Show, MSCM First Agility Trial

November/December - Martha's Christmas Miracle, What You Shouldn't Get Your Dog For Christmas,  Thank Goodness For Dogs

January/FebruaryPicking and Training the Show Puppy, Things You Should Know But Probably Don't

March/April - Basic Breeding Principals, Decorating With Dogs

May/June - The Perdue Vaccination Studies and Auto-Antibodies, Happy Mothers Day!, 7 Things You Didn't know about Puppy Mills

July/August- Summer Treats to Help Keep Your Dog Cool

September/October- 2011 Specialty Show

November/December- A Puppy's 12 Days of Christmas, Try Some Holiday Cheer
January/February- AKC Owner-Handler Series info, Legislative Corner

March/April- Umbilical Hernias, MSCM Annual Awards

May/June- Designer Dogs, Legislative Corner

July/August - Lend Me A Puppy Poem

January/FebruaryA Life-Saving Acupuncture Point; Legislative Corner

March/April- Ester -C for Dogs,MSCM Member of the Year & Annual Awards

May/June- Reviving Newborns, Vinegar to Kill & Prevent Ticks

July/August-  Benedryl For Dogs

September/October-  10 Foods That Could Kill Your Pets

November/December- That's Who We Are, The day Before Christmas
September/October- I Don't Want a Showdog; I Just Want a Pet

November/December - T'was The Night Before Christmas (Dog Version)
January/FebruaryRescue Weary

March/April- Fur Kids? Paw Parents?

May/JuneIs It Really Pet Allergies?, Vinegar To Kill and Prevent Ticks

July/AugustA Definition of a Breeder

September/October- Probiotics

November/December- On Christmas Morning, Christmas Without My Dog

January/February-   The Types of People Who Show In Conformation

March/April-   Umbilical Cord News, Performance Corner- "Options for Agility Training"

May/June-  Ticks in Your Yard: Here's What To Do, Performance Corner- "An Overview of Probiotics"

July/August-  I Consider Him A Rescue...", Performance Corner "Barn Hunt"

September/October-  Nothing In Life Is Free: The Aplha Dog Boot Camp, Performance Corner "Keeping Your Dog in Good Condition"

November/December-  The Night Before Christmas, Performance Corner "The Dog Show Before Christmas"

January/February-  Diseases Spread Through Feces

March/April-   Three Key Strategies To Reduce Genetic Disorders In Dogs, performance Corner, Awards

May/June-  Falcon and Dogs Put to Work As Vineyard Guardians,  Teaching Your Dog to Perform A Stay

July/August- What's A Hybrid Dog Really?, The AKC Agility Course Test (ACT)

September/October- Best Schnauzer halloween Costumes, Performance Corner-Socializing Your New Puppy

November/December- "Twas The Night Before Whelping, My Gift To Jesus (Poem),  Performance Corner- The AKC FAST Class is Getting faster!
January/February-  SARDS
Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome, Performance Corner-But He Always Does It Right At Home!

March/April- 2016 MSCM the Numbers!, Performance Corner-AKC Recognizes Two New Performance Sports and Adds Two New Rally Classes

May/June- The 10 Human Medications Most Dangerous to Dogs, Performance Corner-Learning to Listen to Your Dog

July/August- MSCM 2017 Agility Trial, Performance Corner-We Can All Use a Little Support

Sept/Oct-  Fall Specialty Results, Falcon/Hawk Pics from Last Meeting

Nov/Dec- So Your Dog is Reactive! Winter Is Coming-Things You Can Do with Your Dog Indoors
January/February- Bladder Stones in Dogs:What are Signs and How to Best Treat Them, Performance Corner-Keeping It Positive - Training A Startline Stay

March/April-  AKC changes for 2018, Performance Corner- Sniffing is not the Enemy

May/June- 2017 MSCM Titles, Performance Corner- Doubt

July/August- 5 Things to Pack When You Board Your Dog, Performance Corner- Mindfulness for Athletes : The Secret To Better Performance?

September/October- Plaque Off, Agility Trial Pics, Performance Corner- Keep Your Dog's Drive Alive

November/December- Is AKC Diluting the Meaning of a Title by Offering So Many?,
Performance Corner- Deposits Into The Perfect Recall
Jan/Feb- AKC Scent Work, Performance Corner- Dogs Without Tails in Agility & Fitness Work