Animal Welfare includes the following: responsible use of animals for human purposes such as companionship, recreation, work, education, exhibition, food and research. Animals should be taken care of humanely and in ways that minimize fear, pain and suffering. Be provided with proper food, water, housing and health care. Animals should be treated with respect and dignity.  We believe in the right to own animals.

Those that support Animal Rights believe giving animals the same rights as humans will strengthen the relationship between owners and their animals. In fact the opposite is true and may actually be detrimental to it.  Animal rights intend animals to have the same rights as humans.  It would imply that we not be owners but guardians to animals.

Animals are treated as a unique type of property under the law. To use the term “guardian” may create legal questions and consequences that have the potential to adversely affect the animals, their owners and the community in which they live.  As guardians we could potentially have fewer rights and have more legal responsibilities forced upon us.  We would no longer have the right to make decisions concerning our animals, government would.  Animal rights are supported by extremists whose hidden agenda is the abolition of our right to own any animal period!  Please read some of the information we have supplied so that you can be well informed on this subject.  It is extremely important that everyone who owns or desires to own a pet be educated about this very volatile subject.

Animal Welfare NOT Animal Rights
Designer Dogs
A designer name does not a purebred make.

The MSCM promotes the responsible breeding of purebred dogs. "Designer" dogs are not purebred, they are simply mixed breeds

A combination of two breeds does not automatically produce the best from both.

Mixed breed dogs should be rescued from the pound, not deliberately bred.

Purebred pairs of two different breeds equals a mixed breed offspring.

There is NO SUCH THING AS HYBRID VIGOR IN DOGS. Dogs are all the same species and a crossbred is at no less risk of health issues than a purebred.

For known temperament and quality, buy a purebred!
New Vaccine Protocol
Coccidia-Symptoms & Treatment
Pet Groomimg Instructions
Long Term Health Effects of Spay & Neuter
How Old Is Your Dog In Human Years?
Explanation of Conformation Dog Shows
Explanation of Obedience Dog Shows
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